Blue Spark not only finds new opportunities for Food industry professionals  – it was founded by them too.

Established by Food and Drink experts, we are a consultancy with the latest trends and consumer habits firmly in our grasp. In fact, we don't just understand our clients' needs, we anticipate them.

And it's not quotas or turnover that drives us but people. Our reward comes in finding the best possible person for the right position. It's good for our clients and good for us too.

And just in case you're not convinced – none of our consultants are paid commission, so you can be sure their advice is open and objective at all times.

Our Values


That's what makes for the best relationships, whether here at Blue Spark, or between us and our clients.


Others adapt to change, but we relish it. Awake to new ideas and challenges, we're constantly evolving to fit both client and climate.


We don't just want high standards in the Food and Drinks industry, we want to be the standard.


Without it, we wouldn't be what we are today. It's as simple as that.