Even for the truly gifted, that plum position can be hard to find.


At Blue Spark we offer the cream of the Food and Drink industry the opportunities they deserve.

Emerging brands or established global companies, we're proud that our clients comprise of some of the most forward thinking and unique businesses in the industry.

By registering with us you'll be the first to hear about the most exciting positions going, be they permanent or interim, graduate or director level.

But it won't end there. We'll listen to what you have to say from the get go, returning informed, sensitive and unbiased guidance at every subsequent stage.

Results and happiness don't compete at Blue Spark; they're one and the same. So you'll only ever be put forward for roles that truly match your skills, experience and your personality too.


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Writing Your CV

Convinced you have something to offer but not quite sure how to sell yourself? However seasoned with experience, however fresh your thinking, a clear and attractive CV is an absolute must.

As soon as you register with us we'll offer you constructive, straight forward feedback on your CV. So whatever your background or ambitions, we'll help you to set out your stall as best you can.

Here are some key points to get you thinking:

  • Individuality: Start your CV with a strong Personal Profile, and the reader will get a real sense of you as a person.
  • Focus: Push your skills and recent experience up front, so employers can get the measure of you quickly and easily. Accentuate your achievements and responsibilities, proving how you'll make a positive impact on their organisation.
  • Consistency: It almost goes without saying, but clear formatting, consistent dates and perfect spelling are all essentials. Get the small things spot on, and your talents will shine through.


So your CV is sparkling, you're brimming with enthusiasm and we just might have found you the perfect position. What comes next? The interview stage is your chance to prove you've really got the goods.

Looking great on paper is vital in securing an interview for any vacancy. But how to make the most of it once you do?

As a registered candidate you'll receive in-depth guidance on all aspects of the interview process. From typical interview questions to the idiosyncrasies of specific clients, our unique insight will leave you ready for even the most challenging scenarios.

And of course it's not just what you say that counts – but how you say it.

From the outset, we'll encourage you to present yourself in a way that's confident, honest and appropriate to your prospective employer. So whether you're talking up your talents or proving you're a team player, we'll help make sure you strike just the right tone.


After the freedom and excitement of university, finding your first position in Food and Drink can be a daunting task. How are we so sure? Well, we've been there ourselves.

As either Food graduates in our own right, or professionals with specific industry experience, we at Blue Spark understand the challenge better than anyone.

That's why we're always so excited to meet you: the next generation of Food and Drink professionals. More than just generic advice, we can offer graduates genuine career guidance with a wealth of experience at its core.

Short term solutions don't interest us: we won't rest until we understand your personal career objectives. Only then will we go about setting you on the right path. It's no wonder our graduates go on to such stable, long term positions.

But that's not all. Long after you've taken up a new position you'll be welcome back – whether it's to talk about your current role or your next move.

Put simply, our goal is to help you fulfil yours; a happy and fulfilling career in Food and Drink.